Health professionals believe that Coconut Oil has a potential to be an antiviral to COVID-19, as well as to destroy bacteria on a human body. In fact, a recent study from a professor of the Ateneo De Manila University revealed that coconut oil and its derivatives shows possibility to cure COVID-19.

coconut oil vs covid-19

Coconut oil has fatty chains that are rich in Lauric Acid also called as “super ingredient.” This will be converted into monolaurin that goes throughout the body which knocks down the cell membrane of fungi, bacteria, or viruses. Medical experts have done trials that eventually show success in using coconut oil on treating various types of viruses such as HIV, Influenza, SARS-CoV-2, Herpes, and other lipid coated viruses. Scientists believe that the antimicrobial effect of coconut oil has a potential to cure COVID-19 patients. Health professionals are encouraged to do several clinical trials for the efficacy of coconut oil to fight against COVID-19.

The number of COVID-19 patients is continuously rising today as the virus mutates through the air, goes inside the human body and slowly destroying the immune system. Initial research shows that coconut oil is one of the possible cure for COVID-19 in three ways: it breaks the virus membrane, it slows down virus maturation, and prevents binding viral protein. Some patients who have been tested positive in COVID-19 got cured and tested negative within five to seven days, while the other patients did not develop severe symptoms after taking coconut oil.

Coconut oil health benefits have been proven in numerous situation. It is known as the “tree of life”, that people believes if you get stranded on an island you have the chance to survive if there is a coconut tree. These are just some of the beliefs that even science support. Coconut oil to fight COVID-19 infection is done through recommended intake of 1 tablespoon-twice a day within 3 days. But then experts have increased the dosage of intake up to 3 times a day to fasten the curing process.
coconut oil antiviral covid 19
Coconut Tree, known as the "Tree of Life" could be the source of antiviral agent for COVID-19
Those people who are not used to drink coconut oil may experience stomach ache as a side effect. Since the oil has a high level of calorie it is advisable to take it with an average amount. The health experts believe that the used of coconut oil as a remedy for COVID-19 promotes little risk for the patients upon trials, since coconut oil is naturally harvested and extracted from the coconut palm. This kind of oil is not just affordable; it can be easily produced if needed. That’s why a lot of people are hoping that coconut oil is the cure to people who are infected with COVID-19.

In the midst of this pandemic, various health professionals are doing their best to search for the real cure for corona virus. As of today, there are still no vaccines for COVID-19 released by the World Health Organization. All you can do is to maintain the habit of washing hands and cleanliness to prevent the virus.