Welcome to PNoy Talks!

This blog will publish news and articles from Philippines. If you are a Pinoy-blooded citizen, you will certainly love the articles and would want to know the updates about what is happening in our country.

Please be reminded that this blog has nothing to do with our previous president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III (PNoy). The chosen name just happened because this what the author thinks that is related to the niche of the blog.

What are expected from this blog?

News and updates pertaining to Pinoy. This will not only publish news that happened here in the Philippines but also those that affect the typical Pinoy life.

This blog will feature the culture of Filipinos, likewise the globally-competitive talents and skills of our kababayans here in the Philippines and abroad.

Watching the trends and latest issues...
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  • Articles pertaining to a typical Pinoy lifestyle.
  • Sports updates - the future fights of Manny Pacquiao, PBA updates, Azkals games, and the famous personalities in the field of sports.
  • Educational articles, teaching resources and learning materials.
  • We will also publish our opinions and views regarding the hot issues in the Philippines.