Filipino Teachers In Demand Worldwide

All across modern civilization are hundreds upon hundreds of schools that mold and nurture the past, present, and future generations. At the heart of each school is the teacher, who drives the whole body of students to life. The teacher imparts the knowledge and moral values that the school aims to instill in its students. The thing is, there are millions of students who are eager to learn and grow their way into becoming the next pioneers of tomorrow, but there are not nearly enough teachers to sufficiently meet the needs of the ever-growing student population.
Filipino teacher teaching students

This is exactly the reason why, you dear teacher, are a much-needed presence all over the world. Precisely what countries, you ask? Well, there is Singapore, China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Spain, New Zealand, and even the United States! Surprised?

What kind of teachers do these countries need? Music, Pre-school, and Physical Education teachers are in demand, but what is in even greater demand are English Teachers. English is the universal language, and it is very important to know how to speak the language in this age of globalization.

Filipinos are a treasure chest of teachers who are excellent English speakers. The Philippines is one of the top English speaking countries in Asia. In fact, Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world – next to the United States and the United Kingdom. Therefore, Filipino teachers have an abundance of teaching opportunities abroad!

Requirements for Teaching Abroad

Requirements of teaching abroad vary from country to country. Some may demand a background experience in teaching, while others may not. Here is a short list of requirements that are frequently asked by many:

1) Teaching Experience

There are a number of schools that look to hire certified experienced teachers. This is especially true for schools in Singapore and Arab Emirates. But thousands of schools in countries like China, Spain, and Turkey don’t mind hiring inexperienced teachers, as long as they hold a TEFL certification to their name.

2) College Degree

Having a college degree is certainly a requirement for many schools in most countries. However, degree requirements still vary from school to school. Therefore, those without a four-year degree can still get a teaching position in some countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Russia, and China.

3) Age Requirements

People of all ages can teach English. But some may find it harder than others to teach professionally. For instance, teachers below the age of 20 will find it more difficult to earn a full-time employment. For teachers under this age bar, working part-time or working as a volunteer may serve as a good teaching experience to level up their reputation as English teachers.

There are millions of students who want to learn how to speak English, how to play music, and how to read. The world needs more teachers like you. Give the world a helping hand and teach the present generation how to become good pioneers of the future. More power to you!