Martial Law and President Duterte by John Gaisano Jr.

Hello fellow Filipinos here in the Philippines and those who are living/working abroad! In case you are doubful about President Duterte's declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, please read this insightful blog post by John Gaisano Jr. entitled "Martial Law & President Duterte".

Martial Law & President Duterte
By: John Gaisano Jr.

Many fear martial law because of the experience many older people had before. Essentially what was it? No due process, anyone can be taken & disappear for life. Well, that was 40 years ago & the president was not Duterte.

Will Pres. Duterte do the same? I really don’t know. I bet most of the people in Davao also don’t know either. But what we know is that he wielded awesome power in Davao City. Is this an exaggeration? He does what he likes under a controlled environment to maintain peace & order. How do the MILLION Davaeno feel about this? You can ask many here & find out yourself. But I know for a fact, that many people actually like it. Because if we don’t like it here, he would not have won the presidential election. A million people would have talked about this. Consider for a moment, he was our mayor for 30 years, if there was anything we do not like with regards to peace & order, we should have known after all these years. 30 years is long enough for us to know him.

So, this should give us SOME idea of what he will do to institute peace & order in Philippines. I said in my earlier write-up that he enjoys dealing with peace & order problem. He likes to see that we can go around even in the late evening without fear of safety. And if something bad happens, he come with his full force. Hehe And sensationalize the capture &/or….whatever…send the criminal from temporal life to eternity without much waiting. Make sure it’s in the media. So what’s the impact? It scares many hence forth reduce the incidence of crime. Now, do you like that? He SCARES the hell out of them or else, to hell they may go.

He is obviously impatient. He is obviously decisive too. And he hates to lose. Now, what happens in Marawi as made known to us through media is indeed disturbing. What option do you think the president should take? Martial Law is the best option which will allow him to act quickly, decisively, with element of surprise, & to deal with people including those in government who are involved & supporting this group one way or another. (Tulfo wrote on this. Good read.) And of course, some mistakes will be made, but some mistakes against protecting thousands of our people, & against allowing this problem to grow & hurt more people? Is that a good exchange? Win more with small losses? The math is obvious! And this way, problem of rebellion &/or peace & order can be resolved/reduced quickly.

Now, should the president explain a lot of what he will do? Of course not! It will be crazy to win a war this way. Do you agree with our president? Or you have a better solution? Please share with us. SHARE THIS & share your mind so we may all learn & help each other to create a better place for ourselves.