Tiffany Grace Uy, The Record Breaker Student of the University of the Philippines

Tiffany Grace Uy, BS Biology Student of the University of the Philippines will not just be graduating as Summa Cum Laude but she also got an almost perfect grade, 1.004, that’s the highest grade since WWII.

Tiffany Uy - UP Summa Cum Laude, 1.004 GWA

Tiffany Uy got 1.00 in all her subjects except for Art Studies. But take note, she’s not some kind of a weirdo, she has social life and even have a boyfriend. She surpassed the record set by John Gabriel P. Pelias, UP Summa Cum Laude of 2011. Graduating in college is already tough but graduating with honors is exceptional.

Students of University of the Philippines is considered as ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ because the school is funded by the people. The students here are expected to perform well as scholars of the people. They are expected to provide service for the country through the knowledge and skills they’ve got from the university.

Tiffany Uy - UP Summa Cum Laude with GWA of 1.004
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Despite the joyous success of Tiffany Grace Uy, a lot of people left negative comments and posts regarding her success. Some said that he achieved the highest rank because of her influence as a Chinese.

Some said that her parents are pushing her to study more. But her friend, Ateneo Valedictorian Ryan Yu, defended her up on the harsh comments of her success.

Ryan Yu said that Tiffany is such a hard working person and very smart. They believed that if there’s someone who could break the previous record of John Gabriel P. Pelias, it would be Tiffany. He added that Tiffany came from a loving and supportive family that supporters her endeavors in life.

He also hoped that his fellow countrymen should just celebrate this great success and a record breaking achievement in the history of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Uy seems to disregard the harsh and downright comments posted all over the web and is just concentrating in pursing her dream to become a successful doctor.