Fake Rice in Davao - How to Distinguish a Fake from Real Rice

Pekeng Bigas sa Davao! (Fake Rice in Davao!) This is probably the most shocking news currently, concerning the fact that most people in Davao take the rice at least once a day.

Fake Rice in Davao looks like styrofoam

The news started just like a normal rumor, but it drew much attention after some people confirmed that indeed they had bought and cooked the fake rice.

The fake rice is believed to have originated in China, and it found its way in Davao through rice traders. The rice comes at a much lower price and thus it is thought to have sold fast within the short period before it was noticed.

WATCH: Fake Rice Bought in Davao City Stores

The fake rice is said to be made from a combination of synthetic resin potatoes and sweet potatoes which is then mixed with the regular milled rice by the importers before bringing it into the market.

The whole idea is crazy and so inhuman concerning the grave danger that this rice poses to the consumers. This is no different from selling poison to humans, knowingly!

The government and the Department of Agriculture have however responded to the issue with all manner of seriousness, and stern warning has been given to all those involved.

How to Tell Real from Fake/Synthetic Rice

The report has it that the fake rice in Davao looks just like the standard rice. Its grains are no different. However, there are several tips that can help you know the fake rice from the original.

First, you should be conscious of the pricing. If the rice you are about to buy is too cheap, you should get concerned about its quality. Remember, Cheap is Expensive.

Second, the fake rice does not soften no matter how long you expose it to heat. This should tell you that the rice is a fake. Synthetics do not soften in the heat.

Third, it is hard to digest. Normally, rice is easily digestible, but for this case, the hardness makes it an impossible task.

Fourth, after consumption of the fake rice, you experience severe stomach pains or death. Synthetic is poisonous to humans and thus, if any of this happens, please, seek medical intervention immediately.

Finally, the rice maintains a Styrofoam throughout the cooking and even when eating.

Keep safe. Prevention is always better than cure. Be conscious of what you are buying.