Earth Day Quiz: Which animal are you? - Answer the quiz now!

Did you know that today is Earth Day? Let's answer the Earth Day Quiz - Which animal are you? Don't worry, it has only six questions. By the way, I'm a coral, based on the result of the quiz.

Earth Day Quiz - Which Animal are you
Google Doodle: Earth Day Quiz - Which animal are you?

Earth Day Quiz is another Google Doodle. Have you tried the "zerg rush" before? That doodle was very exciting! - like playing a shooter game. But this time, the Earth Day Quiz, it is not that complicated.

How to access the Earth Day Quiz?

If you are reading this post today (April 22), visit Google and click the Google logo with rotating image of planet earth.

If you happened to read this post after the actual date of Earth Day celebration, just type "earth day quiz" on your Google search engine.

My Earth Day Quiz Result

Now, it's your time to know "Which animal are you?" by answering the Earth Day Quiz.

By the way, if you want to try another Google Doodle, type in Google's search box: "zerg rush". Then, be ready with your mouse!

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