The Youth: Catalysts of Change

Youth, young people catalysts of change
Much of the country's and even the world's problems today concerns the youth. It does not necessarily mean, however, that they are the roots of the problem. Transformed, empowered and aware youths have and will become instruments for better solutions.

Inasmuch as how the government and the general 'non millenial' public view the youths as delinquents burdening the country, some of them and their organizations, however, proved the stereotyping wrong. Amid terrorism as a scourge, the proliferation of fake news, extrajudicial killings and the likes among others plaguing the society it is undeniable that everyone has a role in combatting these societal plague especially the youth. And it all starts with awareness.

With the recent Kian delos Santos incident jolting the country and proving that even teenagers are now not spared, the Sanggunian Kabataan (SK) ensure that their fellow youth are engaged in productive endeavors through sports for example. SK organizes activities that help divert their fellow youths' attention away from harmful vices.

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) of schools addresses their fellow students' needs and assists them towards becoming proactive members of the campus and the community as well in the extent of their organizing and thinking powers. Officers work hand in hand with other stakeholders in educational institutions for the good of their fellow students.

Issues on the prevalence of fake news are answered spot on by the youths acting as vanguards and safeguarding the truth and nothing else . The freedom of expression should not be abused and is put to good use by campus journalists. They advocate for better journalism as how the SSG promotes good governance.

The government must view the youth as part of nation-building and not just mere delinquents burdening the country. The youth of today are not only valuable assets of the society. They have proven themselves to be far more better by becoming vanguards of truth, advocates of peace and catalysts of change.