Duterte to Cabinet Members: Practice Simple Governance, Live Frugal, Simple Lifestyle

During the first meeting with the designated cabinet secretaries, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte ordered them to practice simple governance, live frugal and simple lifestyle .

Duterte's first meeting with the cabinet secretaries
Photo credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Manny Piñol, the designated Agriculture Secretary, revealed some of the important orders of President-elect Duterte during their first meeting.

"After his first meeting with the designated members of his official family, people have been asking me what President-elect Rody Duterte's orders were", Piñol wrote in an opening statement posted in his Facebook page.

"He asked us to lead simple lives and to avoid activities in our agencies which would cost government money", the designated DA secretary revealed.

"So, henceforth, there will be no more Lakbay Aral, no unnecessary meetings and there will be no extravagance", he added.

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Important Instructions from President-elect Duterte to his cabinet members:

  • All officials under him taking air planes must fly economy.
  • Cabinet secretaries are discouraged from using the No. 6 car plate which is designated for cabinet officials.
  • Except for the Justice Secretary who faces imminent danger from drug lords, other cabinet secretaries will have to use non-luxury vehicles like pick up.
  • There will be no more junkets and "Lakbay Aral" for government officials and employees.

In response to the orders given by the president-elect, Manny Piñol enumerated the guidelines for his staff to follow.

Following these guidelines, I have also instructed my staff to observe the following:
- There should be no lavish preparations when the secretary visits the regional offices or local government units.
- There should be no garlands or formal speaking engagements for the Secretary, only working meetings.
- There should be no expensive activities during the celebrations during the anniversary celebrations of the department.
- There will be no unnecessary trainings and seminars.
This is a glimpse on how the Duterte Presidency will run the Philippines for the next six years.

"It is a simple governance style but it will effectively address the core issues concerning the ordinary Filipino", Piñol concluded his post.

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