Hashtag "Dutertard", Why You Should be Proud Being One?

"Dutertard" (#Dutertard) is one of the famous hashtags in social media used by the supporters as well as the critics of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, now the President of the Philippines, who won the election via an astounding 6.2 million margin with his rival candidate Manuel Roxas II.

proud Dutertard
Source: Screeshot from ABS-CBN News Youtube channel

In an interview with ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel), Pompee La Viña, the social media director of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's presidential campaign said that there's nothing wrong with the "Dutertard" tag given to avid supporters of the tough-talking mayor. [Youtube]

On being called a Dutertard: "I wear it with honor because it shows that these are people who are ardent supporters of Duterte, a man who just happens to be representative of an idea that you could have a leader who is incorruptible, brave, patriotic, and does not care about material wealth. That's what it means to us", he said.

To the critics of Duterte, the Dutertard tag has negative connotation - "tard" meaning retard but for those who never stopped in supporting the mayor this means something greater, focus on the last three letters "ard" which is an abbreviation of the word ardent, meaning enthusiastic or passionate.

Are you a proud "Dutertard"?

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