Viral: Filipina Sings in 15 Different Disney Characters’ Voices

It is not all the time that you get to encounter someone who could speak in multiple voices that imitate other people and act that as if those voices were originally the imitator’s innocently enough not to copy those individual’s identity.

Myka Cloma sings 15 different Disney characters voices

But when you do encounter such a person, it is a sure thing to get viral when taken on a video – it did, at least for May Angelica "Myka" Cloma, 24,who is currently getting much attention to her talent in singing and imitating on other people’s voices as a result after having been watched at YouTube a million times in a span of 7 days for her video where she sung on 15 different voices imitating 15 different Disney characters on their own respective movies.

That’s not 1, not 2, but 15 different Disney characters each of which is unique to one another. Not to mention including Simba of Lion King from the roster.

The Passion Which Started It All

Just like most people of known refined talents, Myka Cloma was a person who once aspired what she is today but is not something she did not worked hard for.

According to Myka herself, her interest in musical plays did not start until she was in high school but was not until she reached college when she made a step in pursuing her own interest by joining theater groups.

Yet, just like the people who shared the same passion as her, she was a fan of known Broadway actresses, Lea Salonga (“Miss Saigon”) and Laura Bell Bundy (“Legally Blonde”) who rekindles her interest on the art of theater acting.

As of the 7th day since the video was posted on YouTube, Myka’s demonstration of her talent has had over a million views already – that’s just in a span of one week, which, by common scenario is hard to attain especially for seemingly common person such as herself.

In fact, it is a reality whom she, herself, cannot believe at first yet it did happen.

Although the very upload of her video was not something she decided for herself but out of insistence of her father at the time, Myka was nonetheless pleased as to the result.

When asked if she would pursue a career in theater or in showbiz, if not singing, she said to choose theater over showbiz because of all the intricacies that are involved in show business, especially on those things which she said would go against her religion’s beliefs as a Christian with her family being a devout member of the Church of God International.

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Myka Angelica "Myka" Cloma on Praises and Criticisms About Her

Despite her sudden stardom, Myka already has her fear in showing her talent to the public. That getting into the spotlight may only result in harsh criticisms of her talent, an event whom she fears occurring in the future.

Displaying her sense of being Christian, however, she said that if God willed her rise to popularity and stardom, she believed that she would overcome whatever comes her way.

On the other hand, she also whole-heartedly accepted the idea of not reaching stardom and that what is more important is that she made people happy as a result of her actions, not simply to fulfill on her own selfish desires.