Paris Terrorist Attack leaves many shocked and devastated

A series of simultaneous bombings stun the City of Lights last Friday night leaving 128 people dead and 200 injured.

Paris Terrorist Attack - A Policeman assists a blood-covered victim
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The bombings took place in at least 6 different places in Paris. Among these places was the Bataclan Concert Hall where the US rock band Eagles of Death Metal play. It was reported by BBC that the concert tickets were sold out which would suggest that the 1500-seater hall is packed with the band's fans. Among the sites of the bombings, this was claimed to be the deadliest as the gunmen showered bullets among the crowd. 80 people died in this venue alone.

The other venue was the Stade de France where a soccer match between France and world champion Germany took place. The President of Paris, President Hollande was quickly escorted to safety as he was among the thousands of spectator in the stadium. The rest of the casualties were from the different bars, cafe and restaurants of the city.

Countless of people were left shocked from the event. In the concert hall, people thought that the gunshots were part of the show, until they end up fleeing for their lives as they realized what it really was. Around the streets where the shooting took place, some accounted that they had to give their bed sheets to cover the dead. The people along the restaurants and bars thought that they heard fireworks exploding until they saw the blood and the corpses and hear the screams of the victims. The streets of Paris were filled with terror as bodies laid where the bombs were detonated and the loved ones of those who perished wept.

The bombing was executed by 8 assailants, 7 of which detonated their vest of bombs and the other was killed by the police. One of the bombers was already identified with his fingerprint but his identity hasn’t been released by the police up until now. The said bombing was done by the notorious group ISIS to wage war with Paris because of the country's said involvement with the military intervention in Syria.

People from across the globe are devastated by this incident as Paris has always been a place full of life and excitement. The City of Lights has always been a part of people’s bucket list, but today, this will be a place where buckets of tears from people who grieve for their lost love ones would fill the streets.