How to Protect Yourself from Kidnapping?

Philippine National Police (PNP) posted an infographic "Protect Yourself from Kidnapping". LEARN and SHARE this very important information

tips to protect yourself from kidnappers
PNP reminded the public: "Be alert, be safe. Here are some tips to remember to protect yourself from being kidnapped."

10 Tips How to Protect Yourself from Kidnapping?

how to protect yourself from kidnapping

1. Avoid routines. Change travel routes.
2. Screen and choose your personal staff.
3. Make friends with neighbors.
4. Secure your home.
5. Keep emergency numbers.
6. Check your surroundings before leaving.
7. Avoid walking alone in isolated areas.
8. If threatened, attract attention.
9. Avoid conspicuous or luxurious lifestyle like wearing or displaying expensive jewelry or gadgets.
10. Do not talk to strangers.

Follow the tips given by the PNP and you can surely protect yourself from kidnapping.

In case you need assistance, here's the PNP Text Hotline: 0917-847-5757.