SAF 44 Kin Received P80-M Cash Benefits

Surviving kin of the SAF 44 have received a total of Php 69,566,524.88 in lumpsum death benefits from the Office of the President, Philippine National Police and National Police Commission.

Image Credit: ABS-CBN News

Another Php11-million in cash donations were also received by the SAF 44 families from the Senate, House of Representatives, and DasmariƱas, Cavite LGU.

In addition to the lumpsum benefits and cash donations, qualified beneficiaries will receive an average monthly pension of P12,000.00 from the PNP and another P16,000.00 average monthly pension from the National Police Commission.

The lumpsum benefits received by all SAF 44 beneficiaries include P250,000.00 from the President’s Social Fund totaling P11-million; an average of P174,600.75 Special Financial Assistance (SFA) from the PNP totaling Php7.6-million; and an average of P218,294.19 Commutation of Accrued Leaves (CAL) totaling Php9.6-million.

Other individual lumpsum benefits received by each of the SAF 44 families include an average P26,062.79 in Back-Earned Pension from the PNP; an average of P65,759.80 in Burial Benefits from the NAPOLCOM; average of P263,039.18 NAPOLCOM Gratuity, an average of P38,222.36 Back-Earned Pension (BEP) from NAPOLCOM and an average of P557,677.12 insurance benefits from the Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc. (PSMBFI).

Each individual SAF 44 beneficiary has received an average of Php 1,593,656.19 in total lumpsum benefits depending on rank.

All lumpsum benefits from government were received thru individual checks.

Meantime, pension payments to beneficiaries were paid thru individual ATM accounts with the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The National Police Commission is also granting educational scholarship to deserving children of the SAF 44. source: PNP FB Page


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