Gay pride events turn nasty as war against Christians and the bible rages on

Gay pride events across the world have become a venue for blasphemy and outrageous conduct. This state of affair has evoked condemnation from Christian quarters.

gay pride participants mock Jesus

Last year’s March in Chicago was a case in point. Thousands of LGBT individuals marched in the streets of the city holding up placards that celebrated their orientation. In that event, some Christian protesters asserted that sex is a sin and sin results in death.

A man dressed as Jesus Christ emerged from the opposite crowd with a sign that declared that he was not 'with these guys'. The back and forth went on, with the Christians hitting back that the other crowd needed Jesus. The man dressed as Jesus was ready for the second time, holding up a sign that declared 'no, we are fine'. This exchange culminated in the appearance of a woman dressed like Mary, mother of Jesus, who held up a sign that read that 'I’d love my gay son'.

Gay Pride Event 2015 has been no better

Despite round condemnation from all over the world, every gay pride event in 2015 has shown a heightened level of carelessness and blasphemy. A case in point is Brazil. Earlier this month, tens of thousands of individuals walked the streets holding up images that shocked the world. The marchers had signs that insinuated that Christians were homophobes and that Jesus Christ himself was gay.

One of the most offending images doing the rounds from that crusade is that of transsexual ,who is seen crucified half naked in a cross akin to the one that was used for Jesus, with a sign declaring that it is time to say 'enough to homophobia'. Another photo from the event shows two naked females kissing on a cross, a clear indication that the push towards the rights of LGBT individuals is taking a nasty twist towards religion.

gay pride event Brazil

Yet another image shows complete disregard for religion, as a man and woman pose atop a pile of crucifixes, and what is utterly revolting about this particular image is that the two individuals have covered their genitals with holy symbols that the church has always treated with respect.

The gallery of pictures from gay pride events is enlarging, with other places taking the cue from Brazil. Pictures have been circulating, showing a gay couple smashing sacred items into the ground and declaring their disagreement with the bible. Another image making its rounds in the internet shows a transsexual individual taking clothes off and carrying out a mocking dance in front of a Christian church.

The gay pride calendar is still rolling. Turkey’s version of the event was interrupted by the police, who objected to processions during the holy month of Ramadhan. In New York, the march just took place. While it was not as lurid as the Sao Paulo version was, it still carried heavy undertones of religious intolerance and overt signs of nudity.

gay pride event Sao Paulo, Brazil

The fallout created by these marches around the world has been so huge that legislators are now moving to create laws that prevent extreme behavior and careless utterances. In Brazil, they are working on a bill that would make 'christophobia’ a crime.