Math Teacher Entertains His Students with Creative Use of Technology. WATCH and Be Amazed!

Wow! This Math teacher is really creative on how he used technology to capture the attention of his students. Can you figure out how he did those amazing trick?

Only gifted few love Math as a subject. Most of the students will surely feel bored if the teacher has no sense of humor or has no motivational skill. But there are some Math teachers who were able to teach the subject with enthusiasm and much passion from which the creativity spontaneously flowing.

Watch and learn from this Math teacher. He used the power of Information and Communication Technology in order to inject humor in classroom. The students were amazed and I do bet that you were also amazed on the trick he employed on this particular session in his classroom.

Watch! Creative Teacher Entertains His Mathematics Students

I salute this teacher for being so creative! Math is boring for some students, but this teacher think out of the box just to capture their attention!LIKE Kaboom Panes for more amazing videos!
Posted by Kaboom Panes on Friday, July 10, 2015
Do you have any idea how this math teacher did the trick? You may share through the comment box.