Do You Think You Already Mastered Riding a Bicycle? Try This Bike and You Will Fail and Eat Concrete on First Few Attempts

Are you a master biker or cyclist? “YOU cannot ride this bicycle. You might think you can. But you can’t.”

If you are just watching someone attempting to run this bike for at least 5 meters without stumbling down, you would certainly say: "I will try ride that bike. It's very easy!"

But that "EASY" thing you are thinking will really change when you are already in control of this re-engineered or modified bicycle.

The engineer of this bicycle made some modifications in the handlebars and its connection to the front wheel which is in control with your direction while riding this bike.

If you turn the handlebar to the left, the bike will move the right. If you turn the handlebar to the right, the bike will go to left.

Why it's difficult to ride this bike?

It's a brain thing. Your brain learns the normal thing about riding a bicycle and these changes in how the usual bicycle works really change everything - as if you are unlearning things.

The engineer who designed this trick bicycle experimented on how our mind responds to changes to the usual things we already mastered. He even revealed that riding the modified bike he designed took him about 8 months.

Based on his experiments, young minds can easily learn and unlearn skills like balancing.

Here's the video that will explain this unique bicycle.

Looks easy but I'm excited to ride this trick bicycle. Let's see how my mind responds to the modification made to this bike.

Are you willing to ride this kind of bicycle? How long do you think you can unlearn things so that you can adopt to the new ones?