WATCH: The Real Fruit Ninja meets the Real Spider Kid

Videos of the real Fruit Ninja and the real Spiderman (Spider Kid) are viral in Facebook. The former has more than 13-million views while the latter has 500k views.

Real Fruit Ninja vs Real Spider Kid

If you are one of the Fruit Ninja fanatics, then you will surely be amazed with this buco vendor from Jamaica. He made a hole in the buco using his bolo as if slicing the fruits in Fruit Ninja game.

Watch: The "REAL" Fruit Ninja

While some of the netizens were amazed and appreciated the skill of the buco vendor, some were sarcastic with their comments or they are just concerned with the man's safety.

Here some of the positive and negative comments regarding the act of the "real" Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja.
Fruit Ninja.
Posted by JAY DEEP on Monday, December 22, 2014

social media comments on the "real" fruit ninja

Real Spider Kid

In a separate video, this amazing kid shows his skill climbing house column as if he is the real Spider Man. Oh, here's a correction - he is the real Spider Kid.

His fingers and toes somewhat stick to the concrete while climbing and the act is just easy as ABC for him. Simply amazing!

WATCH: Real Spider Kid

OMG! He is a real spider KID
OMG! He is a real spider KID
Posted by Top 101 news on Sunday, May 3, 2015

And here's some of the netizens' comments about this amazing kid:

amazing kid. but I hate those parents for encouraging the kid to do so without any safety measures. - Bidur Parajuli
Amazing whAt a wonderful performance no one among kids can do that nor to the older ones either that boy was given by God the power that only he can climb a high structure like a post high trees or maybe some tsllest building. Its really wonderful and amazing !!! - Bonnie Cortez
And now, it's time for you to vote, who is the real winner - the real fruit ninja or the real spider kid?