Poll: Which Grading System is Better, KPUP or WW-PT-QA?

New K to 12 grading system will be implemented in SY 2015-2016 and our public school teachers will bid goodbye to the KPUP.
Which K to 12 grading system is better? KPUP or WW-PT-QA

The new k to 12 grading system is known as the "Standards-and-Competency-Based Grading System" popularly known as the "WW-PT-QA" (Written Work, Performance Tasks and Quarterly Assessment). For more info, READ THIS POST!

KPUP on the other hand is the grading system used in K to 12 program until SY 2014-2015. It stands for Knowledge, Performance, Understanding and Product. With KPUP, the class record of teachers has the following components: Knowledge, Performance, Understanding and Product.

To all teachers in the Department of Education, students, parents and stakeholders, it's time for you to cast your vote. The question is: Which K to 12 grading system is better, KPUP or WW-PT-QA?

Which K to 12 grading system is Better?

New Grading System (WW, PT and QA)
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Please cast your vote honestly.

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