Viral Video: 1 Hour Extension in Internet Cafe in Exchange for Scandalous Affair with a Dog ???Eww

OMG! The video posted on Facebook by certain Pau Oñate has become viral with 4,540 shares as of the time of writing this post.
man and dog video scandal

The video was posted on April 9, 2013 but most of the LIKEs and shares came in September 2014 and has been continuously shared as of January 2015.

A man and dog scandal?

It's Rated XXX. haha! A man in kissing scene with a dog. Not just a simple kissing scene - but a lips to lips and a tongue to tongue as instructed by some boys in an internet cafe.

As can be heard from the video, one of the boys instructed the man to do tongue to tongue with the dog in exchange for a 1 hour extension in his computer rental in the cafe.

Such a computer addict! haha!

The boys fooling the man were also singing a song while the man was kissing the dog. Just watch the video for more info and for you to judge if this video is really a scandalous or not.

WATCH: Man and Dog Scandal in an Internet Cafe

OMG! Can you classify this as a scandal or animal brutality? haha

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