Bus Video Scandal? - Painit sa Loob ng Bus

Watch this alleged bus scandal captured by a mobile phone camera. Are they doing something scandalous or what?
Bus video scandal

The video has become viral as it generates more than 480k views, 4k likes, 5k comments and 8k shares upon the time of writing this post.

The video was shared in Pretty Pinay Girls Facebook page last January 11, 2015. The alleged bus video scandal has been tagged as "Painit sa Loob ng Bus".

Netizens have mixed reactions on the said video. Some said the couple are doing something nasty. While others saying there's nothing wrong with the video.

For me, I think it's a gimmick! If I was not mistaken.

What can you say about the video?

Watch it for you to judge...

UPDATE: The embedded video was removed as requested by one of the readers coz it involves minors and he is concerned regarding the teens involved in the alleged bus scandal.