'Anti Angry Birds Bill' is a complete hoax

A satirical website that announced the filing of an “Anti-Angry Birds Bill” has succeeded—not in having the so-called bill “passed” into law, but because it captured the attention of Filipino netizens.

Aiming to “inject humor into everyday news,” the satirical and fictional news website “So, What’s News?” ran a story on the “Anti-Angry Birds Bill” which went viral on social networking sites.

The website said that Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo, who earlier proposed a law against planking, filed fictional House Bill No. 5379 which seeks to ban the quantity of merchandise based on the hit online game.

The lawmaker was said to have gotten the idea for the bill when he went shopping for Christmas gifts at the mall and noticed a flood of Angry Birds novelty items.

“Everywhere I looked, Angry Birds this, Angry Birds that! Where is the product diversity? Shouldn’t the DTI be monitoring this?” the satirical news item had Castelo saying.

Thus, the proposed “bill” was filed to “monitor the diversity, quality and quantity of items bearing the angry birds likeness.” It said it would prohibit stores from selling more than two kinds of Angry Birds items with violators facing solitary confinement for six months in a special facility called “The Angry Birds Room.”

source: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/