Teaching Loads and Assignment of Public School Teachers

Public school teachers have mixed reactions on a memorandum posted about "Teaching Loads and Assignment of Public School Teachers".

The teaching loads and assignment of public school teachers was uploaded to ACT NCR's Facebook page and garnered a lot of comments from the affected teachers.

Here's the image posted on ACT NCR's page...

Curious about the posted info, I researched through the official website of the Department of Education - www.deped.gov.ph and scoured their archives of memos and orders pertaining to teaching loads of teachers. Here's what I've found - DO 16, s. 2009 "Addendum to DepEd Memorandum No. 291, s. 2008 (Guidelines for the Implementation of CSC Resolution No. 080096 on Working Hours for Public School Teachers)". You can check this link for clarification.

Here's the original memorandum issued on 2008: DM 291, s. 2008 - Guidelines For The Implementation Of Csc Resolution No. 080096 On Working Hours For Public School Teachers. You can read the memorandum here!

What has been highlighted on image posted by ACT NCR is the equivalent teaching loads or how many teaching loads a teacher should render if he/she is doing some ancillary services/special assignments such as feeding teacher, canteen teacher, teacher librarian, teacher property custodian, guidance teacher, ALS teacher, teacher nurse, teacher registrar/school clerk, journalism teacher, teacher coordinator or sports coach.

The info posted on ACT NCR's page was actually derived from the regional memo issued by National Capital Region dated May 29, 2015.

What teachers claimed to be unjust is the current teaching load or the teaching loads they used to carry from previous school year which they said "OVERLOADED" if the above posted memorandum will be followed strictly.

How about you, what special assignments or ancillary services you are bounded to perform in your respective school?

Please post your comment so that we can bring this up to higher authorities. Please share to all public school teachers...


  1. How about RESEARCH teachers? How many loads should they have?

  2. How about teachers assigned to disbursing and bookkeeping, how many loads will they have?

  3. Tama po bang hawak lng ng 1 guro ang English at Fil. journalism?Tama bang hawak ng English teacher ang Fil. Journ o dpt n Fil. Teacher ang humawak nito?

  4. Hindi naman nasusunod yan

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  6. sa ncr lang po ba ito applicable? wala kasing ganito sa site ng bicol region. being a school nurse with 5 teaching loads in mapeh and a class adviser, saan ba ako makakahanap ng memo or deped order na magsasabi ng tamang loading ko.

  7. Ako po ay hindi lumagpas sa "overloaded" status. I have 4-5 hours actual classroom teaching daily with four preparations. may mga legal basis po ba patungkol sa number of lesson preparation? Number of hours lang naman kasi ang meron. Sana i-consider din po ang number of preparations...

  8. http://www.deped.gov.ph/sites/default/files/memo/2008/DM_s2008_291.pdf
    If you are curious as to how many actual teaching loads you should have, consult this DEPED Central memo with the attached Civil Service Commission resolution.

  9. Canteen manager po ako..at the same time may advisory class po ako..ang subjects ko po eh math5 math4 mapeh4 eng.4 epp4 ayaw Akung bwasan ng load..ano po ggwin ko? Magbigti?hehe

    1. i feel you. i am also a teacher librarian, a part of our school c.i (research team) and i also have an advisory class, grade leader pa sa level namin with matching 5 teaching loads. sarap din magbigti minsan pero mas masarap pa rin huminga... :-)

  10. quality education ba hanap nila?! hindi nga nila maharap kalagayan natin, sino ba dapat umaksyon dyan? tayong mga teachers? magmumuka lang tayo makwenta. school head ba na takot naman mapuna ng mga boss na nakakataas sa kanila?, division personell ba na ang basehan ng load natin eh teacher-student ratio lang?, kesyo kulang sa teacher, rooms at funds. bakit hindi nila encourage na i-convert nalang sa service credit ung mga overloads natin para hindi naman sumama loob natin. sana makarating ito sa central office, mahirap kasi kung sa ordinaryong teacher lang, magmumuka lang tayo makwenta. deserve naman natin ung overtime pay/ service credit.

  11. Paano po ang EMIS na nasa decs manual noon pa na may equivalent to 4 teaching loads, sila na rin ang eBEIS at LIS coordinator ngayon

  12. I am a guidance teacher with 4 teaching loads and is the only guidance teacher in our school with 2,100 students. Is this loading just and fair?

  13. Tama ito. But in reality, this is yet to be fully observed.

  14. Yes, according to the Magna carta that teachers should have six (6) hours of actual classroom teaching shall cover the full teaching load of a teacher as indicated in the class .

    My question is as a Senior High School Teacher, how many teaching loads should I have? Others have 5 teaching loads + 1 advisory + club adviser , while the others have 6 teaching loads + 1 advisory + club adviser. I think DEPED should specify how may teaching loads should a teacher has and state clearly how many hours per teaching load and how many in a week etc... instead of just specifying the number of hours.

    Can some one enlighten me on this? Thanks and God bless


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