Dengvaxia: 10 Things to Know About The So-Called Dengue Destroying Vaccine

Dengue is one of the most prominent and widespread diseases in many tropical locations in the world, especially one like the Philippines. This dangerous, mosquito-transmitted disease is feared because of its severity and because of the dire need of a cure for this terrible disease, a vaccine called Dengvaxia was developed to help fight it. It sounds like a miracle worker, but before you get you and your family vaccinated with Dengvaxia, here are some things you should know.

1.) It is not yet fully effective. - As of today, the Dengvaxia vaccine is still undergoing multiple testing phases and is only being sold to a specific control group. It is not made fully public yet because its effects and ability to prevent the dengue virus have not yet been confirmed.

2.) It is only available in selected countries, not worldwide. - To this date, only 11 countries have Dengvaxia available to them. These are the Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatamala, Peru, Thailand, and Singapore.

3.) Dengvaxia should only be taken by children and individuals 9 years old or older. - The vaccine is currently only approved for users of this age group, so it is important for people to keep this in mind when wanting to vaccinate young children.

4.) The vaccine should preferably be used by people who have had dengue before. - The reason for this is that individuals who haven't had the virus before might suffer from terrible side effects like fevers, aching, and more.

5.) It may not even work. - According to recently discovered research by the World Health Organization, the Dengvaxia vaccine might not pose any effect to the users at all, which might mean a waste of money for those who weren't able to get their doses for free.

6.) Risks and adverse side effects are possible. - As per the recent announcement in 2016 by the World Health Organization, the Dengvaxia vaccine poses a risk to those who have taken it by increasing their chances of getting the virus as well as other illnesses.

7.) More than 800, 000 students in the Philippines were vaccinated with the new Dengvaxia. - A large amount of young children in the Philippines, especially those in the lower classes, had taken Dengvaxia and now have to face the possibility of risk and side effects from the vaccine.

8.) Because of Dengvaxia, there have been a large number of hospitalizations. - Due to children taking the drug, a few weeks to a few months after the dosage, the victims began getting sick, especially those who hadn't had dengue prior to taking the vaccine.

9.) As per the very recent news, there has been a trend of rapid death among children who took the vaccine. - Apparently due to the vaccine, multiple children have fallen ill with fevers and headaches only to die sudden deaths soon after, further proving the alleged dangers of Dengvaxia.

10.) The wonder vaccine isn't all that wondrous, after all. - The vaccine was administered and bought in large quantities by the Philippine government, as well as other countries though it was not yet complete testing. This serves as a warning to all that even the most promising of medicine should be approached with caution, else more people end up like the portion of 800,000 children dying each day from the results of Dengvaxia.