STUDY: A Bad Boss Can Make Employees Sick

Will you agree with the study that revealed: A bad boss can make employees sick?

bad boss can make employees sick

The study which was conducted in United States disclosed that "For 75% of Americans, bosses are a major cause of stress at work".

Though the study was conducted in America, the fact can be applied to all employees around the world.

In a Linkedin article published by Quartz magazine, it revealed that a bad boss can be as harmful to employees as passive smoking. It also stated that the longer you stay in a job working for someone who stresses you, the greater the damage is to your physical and mental health.

According to a report from American Psychological Association, 75% of US workers said that their boss as the number 1 cause of stress at work but 59% of those workers with a poor manager/supervisor don't leave.

"Statistics show that employees get used to their jobs despite the fact that they are unhappy. This further complicates their process of resignation as they are no longer motivated to search for a healthier working environment which could improve their situation", Buzzheart reported.

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