Watch: Bisaya-Speaking Americans of "Hey Joe Show" Meet President Duterte

The Bisaya-Speaking americans of the popular Youtube channel "Hey Joe Show" met the newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte and the encounter was cool!

members of Hey Joe Show meet President Duterte

In the video, President Duterte noticed the presence of the group of young americans sitting in a nearby table and greeted them: "Hey Joe!".

The young fellows, recognized that it was His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte who greeted them, decided to approach the new president and made a gesture of respect and courtesy.

Hey Joe Show is a multi-platform social media group dedicated to celebrating and exposing Filipino culture to a global audience. The members of Hey Joe Show are committed to providing clean, wholesome entertainment predominantly in the Visayan language. Sumner, Connor, Davis, Tylan and Jake learned the rich and diverse Filipino culture while living in the Philippines for two years. (source:

WATCH: Members of Hey Joe Show meet the new President of the Philippines, His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte