How to Know the Results in Your Clustered Precinct?

Very easy! Through a website recently launched by COMELEC (Commission on Elections), you will know the exact number of votes of your candidates from the National Positions down to Local Positions.

How to Know the Results in Your Clustered Precinct?

1. Go to this website >>
2. Click the link "Information based on ER".

3. Now on the left panel, choose the pull down menu: Region/OV; Province/District; City/Municipality; Barangay; and Clustered Precinct.

4. Give all the needed information by selecting an option in the drop down menu.
5. If you forgot the clustered precinct where you belong, don't worry there are only few options.
6. Upon completion, the website will automatically generate results divided into two categories - National Position and Local Position.
7. Click on the corresponding link to view the results.
8. Bingo!!!

Share this post to all your friends willing to know what happened in their respective clustered precinct.


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