Duterte's Platform of Government

Here's the platform of government of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte if he will be elected as the President of the Philippines comes May 9, 2016 Election.
Duterte Platform of Government if elected President of the Philippines
Source: www.facebook.com/dutertevote

The Top 3 Priorities of Duterte Government

"Our top three would be 24/7 fight against crime and corruption, which is the core of Mayor Duterte's and Senator's Cayetano's campaign. Second we promote the development of our economy by tying this up with our advocacy on federalism, which is regional development," said Duterte's spokesman Peter LaviƱa.

"The last is we should have equality before the law and give equal opportunities for everyone."

Duterte's Platform of Government

Crime and Drugs:
* Suppress crime and drugs within 3 to 6 months
* Increase police salaries to P75,000 to P100,000 within 3 years
* Installations of CCTVs in major thoroughfares
* Revival of the Special Courts for serious crimes
* Unite the country by healing deeply-ingrained differences and shifting to Federal form of government

* Passage of the Freedom of Information Act and Anti-Dummy Law
* Lifting of the Bank Secrecy Law
* CCTVs in government offices

Economic Boost:
* Create jobs
* Industrialize and build factories
* Build a Philippine Steel Mill
* Build a "Business Island" with ideal business atmosphere for foreign investors
* Limit 5 signatures for business permits (30-60 days)
* Maintain "Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program" or 4Ps
* 1 Billion "Small Capital Fund" for outside Metro Manila
* Establish tourism, agricultural and industrial hubs to create jobs in countryside

* Lower Cost of food
* Get rid of middlemen loan sharks
* Build food terminals with advanced facilities in their provinces
* Build Mindanao Railway system
* Free irrigation and subsidized fertilizer and seeds for farmers

* Ban mining firms with records of exploitation
* Study renewable energy

OFW and Workers:
* Improve labor conditions for Filipino workers
* No income tax for workers earning 20,000 & below
* No more contractualization
* Gradual increase of salary for all other jobs/workers
* Bank for OFW remittance
* Bring home OFWs in case of abuse
* Tracking for protection of Filipinos abroad

Education and Health:
* Double the salary of teachers
* Build adequate classrooms and double the shifts
* Teach Values and Filipino pride
* Require all hospitals to treat very poor patients using government programs like Philhealth reserve funds, sin tax revenues, and Department of Health budget

* Add more carriages to train lines
* Build fast train linking airports and seaports to Metro Manila
* Decongest Metro Manila
* Develop Clark Airport and Batangas seaport to ease traffic congestion

Foreign Policy:
* Pursue Arbitration case

Disaster and Climate Change:
* Creating 911

What can you say the platform of government of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte?