Duterte - A "Mass Murder Advocate" According to Press Release

Presidential frontrunner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was named "mass murder advocate" in a latest article published in ABS-CBN News and GMA Network news website.

An article published in ABS-CBN News website entitled "'Kill them' Duterte leads at end of Philippine presidential campaign" written by Karl Malakunas is also published in GMA Network News website.

The opening paragraph of the article can be read as:

"Mass murder advocate Rodrigo Duterte heads into Saturday's final rallies of an extraordinary Philippine presidential campaign as the shock favourite, but with rivals still having a chance to counter his profanity-laced populist tirades." - ABS-CBN News

We will get the screenshot before the mainstream news website can edit it.

Here's the screenshot:

The same article is published in GMA Network News website but the opening paragraph was already edited.

But, the original text is still present in Google's index. You can try searching using this keyword: "gma mass murder advocate".

It can be noted that the title and the opening words have been edited by GMA Network but the phrase "mass murder advocate" is still present in ABS-CBN News website.

The article which labeled Duterte as "mass murder advocate" raised eyebrows among netizens especially those who are supporting Mayor Duterte for his bid in the presidential seat.


It's not only ABS-CBN and GMA Network which published the said press release. The story is also published in www.dailymail.co.uk and nopical.com.

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