VIRAL Video of MYSTICA campaigning against Duterte

Singer-actress Mystica has some words against Duterte for president. Her video is now viral on Facebook with 1,784,565 views, more than 14-thousand likes, 30-thousand shares and 10k comments as of the time of writing this post.
viral video of mystica against Duterte

The video which was uploaded by a certain Reyes Fortuno Jebie has caught the attention of netizens especially Duterte supporters.

According to her, she received offers from politicians and some influential persona in Philippine politics just to change her political view and support for Duterte.

"...inoferan ako ng mga nasa politiko, kung sinu-sino ang mga iyon talagang malalaking mga tao ito. Inoferan ako, babayaran ako para lang maiba ang utak ko, para lang bumaliktad at sasanib kay Duterte", she revealed.

According to the "Labi sa Labi" singer, if Duterte will win as president, there could be a greater chance that the Martial Law will happen again in the Philippines.

But Duterte supporters just shrugged off about what the singer has said in her viral video.

Watch: Mystica swears vs Duterte

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