FB user gets instant internet shame for bashing Duterte

A female Facebook user has made waves online for criticizing Mayor Rodrigo Duterte about his English communication skills.

Screenshots of the FB posts were posted in Himantayon Iliganon Facebook page on February 28, 2016 and were shared 14,304 times and attracted 7,658 comments as of the time of posting this article.

The FB user whom the netizens suggested to be included in the internet "hall of shame" has this user name - Aguilar Honey Anino.

According to her post, Mayor Duterte should learn English language first before being elected as President of the Republic of the Philippines.

"DU30 for President? Chaaar! Ohmy. Pwede ipatuon lan siya ug English before ipa Pres.? Hahaha maolawan tag samot ana uy :D (Duterte for President? Chaaar! Ohmy. Can he learn English first before he should be elected as Pres.? Hahaha we will be put further to shame if he will become President)," Anino posted.

"...as we all know dapat kblo ta mu English para ma communicate nato ug trung ang mga taga US. How can he communicate the Pres. of Amerika kung d sya fluent mg.English? As far as i know, dapat ang Pres. naay knows sa tanan para btaw d maolawan  (As we all know it is important that we should know how to speak English in order we can effectively communicate those who are in US. How can he communicate the Pres. of America if he is not fluent in English? As far as i know, a Pres. should have knowledge about most things so that he will not be humiliated)," she added.

DU30 supporters came into rescue and criticized Anino for misspelled worlds like "ellection" instead of "election".

Yawar! pasikaton si inday! AHAHAHA!
Posted by Himantayong Iliganon on Sunday, February 28, 2016
The veracity of the girl's Facebook account was not known as of this time.

Does this girl worthy to be included in the "Internet Hall of Shame" for bashing Mayor Rodrigo Duterte?