4th Impact’s Journey to Fame

Starting as 4th Power, and later was forced to change their name because of some legal problems, 4th Impact is a singing group has made it to the international scene by showing their singing prowess. And we will discover today the obstacles and difficulties they had faced to succeed in their chosen career.

4th Impact or 4th Power in X-Factor UK 2015
Image Credit: www.tellymix.co.uk
This quartet group is composed of 4 siblings namely; Celina, Mylene, Irene and Almira Cercado. They formed their group “Cercado Sisters” in the Philippines way back in 2002 and started their singing career by joining local talent search such as “Talentadong Pinoy”, “Protégé” and “It’s Showtime”, to name a few.

On an interview, they said that their main motivation for joining competitions is because of the prize, so that they can pay their debts and somehow help their parents in their everyday expenses. They even told a story when they have to join a competition in Manila but they do not have the money to pay for their transportation expenses. What they did was they perform in a cock fighting event in Tuguegarao, which is a town near their hometown Santiago City, to raise around Php 3,000 – Php 4,000 or roughly $100 to pay for their expenses.

This is the experience that they look back always, because after joining in that competition, the organizers noticed their potential and help them paved their way to winning various competitions, even becoming the World Champions in the Performing Arts.

But what really sets 4th Impact apart from other singing groups is their humility and faith. They said that even now, in spite of their numerous successes, they still feel nervous whenever they will be performing. What they do is they pray before every performance and asks for guidance and strength.

Another interesting fact about 4th Impact is that they are all “never been kissed”. This is because of the strict upbringing of their parents even though the oldest in their group is around 27 years old. They are also very dedicated in their craft that they promised to stay away from boys throughout the X-factor competition.

One thing that we can learn from these girls is that nothing substitutes hard work and dedication in achieving your goals in life. They have consistently showed us this character and they still always look back from their humble beginnings. I hope that this inspires you to achieve your personal goals in life. We can always look at the 4th Impact, as an example of hard work and dedication.