Viral Photo: World's Blackest Baby

A photo of the so called "world's blackest baby" has gone viral and triggered debates among netizens whether it is real or just a another hoax in the making.

blackest baby in the world
Photo Credit: imgur

You might heard this old phrase "Black is beautiful but too much black is charcoal" and this viral photo was tagged as weird as it featured a charcoal-black baby.

If this indeed is real, this could make a spot in Guinness World Records but after a search on GWR's website, what I've found is the darkest manmade substance. According to Guinness, the darkest manmade substance is "Vantablack". I've tried other search queries like darkest baby ever live, blackest baby alive, blackest baby in the world, etc. but there's no result very close to my queries.

According to RachFeed, there could be great possibilities that the photo is manipulated with the powerful photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop or it is just a black baby doll.

Blackest Baby in World - from What Country?

According to SocialTrendsPH, the baby which made a buzz online is allegedly born in South Africa. But there's no info about the baby's parents even the name of the blackest baby was not mentioned.

Here's another photo featuring a white man, maybe a doctor, and a black baby holding a stethoscope.

world's darkest baby
Photo credit: Twitter/@NaimHumphrey
What's your verdict regarding this photo of the blackest baby in the world?