Simple Arithmetic Questions but 80% Failed on their First Try

Try this simple questions as long as you know how to add numbers. This is very basic but most first timers will surely fail to give the correct answer. You can even try this to your Math teachers as long as they don't have the background about this one.

Simple Math problem but most first timers failed to answer correctly

There is no trick here. Just simple arithmetic that even second graders can answer this if done on paper. 

Yes! You need to ask the series of questions orally and as fast as you can and you will be amazed why even your math wizards, engineers or number geeks failed on their first try.

As a motivational activity in math or any other subject

The series of arithmetic questions here can serve as motivation to your learners. It is not only a useful mind twister but out of the lessons you can impart a very important lesson lesson in life.

Yeah, there is a lesson behind this simple math question.

Without further ado, here's the question:

Just to make it appear as a survey, pick 10 of your friends and ask them the same question. Don't let your other friends or students listen while you are asking the question. Don't even react with their answer. After the first person or student gave his/her answer, just say "NEXT"!

What now? What did you find out? What lessons you can learn out of this simple arithmetic question?

Please share what you've found out in the comment box. I'm waiting!