Viral Video: Brutal Dog Fight Ires Netizens

A dog fight which ended to one dog being brutally bitten to death by the other is now viral in Facebook with more than 300k views as of the time of posting.

viral video Brutal Dog Fight

In a 9 minutes and 52 seconds video clip, it can be seen that the owner agreed (if they really are) to have their dogs fight. The other dog is very aggressive before they were released but it ended up that this aggressive dog lose the fight and was terribly wounded or even died.

The spectators of the viral dog fight were also busy taking videos and photos using their mobile phones.

Netizens, especially pet lovers, really admonished the said act.

The viral dog fight violates the Animal Welfare Act, which every country upholds.

WATCH: Brutal Dog Fight

Có lẽ mình chưa xem trận trọi chó nào hay và ghê như trận này ..
Posted by Nguyễn Linh on Thursday, April 9, 2015

What can you say about this dog fight? Is it legal in other country?