Extra Shoelace Hole: Prevent Blisters by Using it Right!

Have you noticed the extra shoelace hole in your running shoes? Now, it's time to know why it is there and how useful it is for additional comfort and safety while running, walking or hiking.

If you already know the rationale why shoemakers put those extra shoelace hole, then don't bother yourself watching the instructional video that was embedded in this post.

Thanks to this video: "How to Prevent Running Shoe Blisters With a 'Heel Lock' or 'Lace Lock'"

The tip shared is very useful yet most of us ignored it.

"This tip is for people who are tired of getting blisters on their heels when they go running, walking or hiking", the description in the video read.

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Yeah, most of us experienced of having blister after some hours of walking or running with our new pair of shoes.

According to Wikipedia, a blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, freezing, chemical exposure or infection.

So watch this instructional video that will explain the use of extra shoelace hole and how to prevent running shoe blisters with a heel lock or lace lock.

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