"YOLO" (You Only Live Once) - An Essay Worth-Sharing to Our Students

"YOLO" (You Only Live Once) - This is an essay of the popular acronym used by those who want to enjoy life even to the extent of jeopardizing their future or doing harm to others. Written by the 14-year old daughter of Lorenzo Mendoza, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of Panabo City, Region XI.

YOLO - You Only Live Once Essay
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"YOLO" You Only Live Once, a very famous quote teenagers utter when they are doing something what they call "fun." Is it worth the act? Is it worth the time? Spending hours doing crazy things just to enjoy your life because you believe you only live once.

Skipping classes, disobeying your parents, showing bad traits, doing "adventure" that can risk your life and future, you are all doing these things because you know you can never experience it once again when your time is up in this world.

Of course as teenagers, it is normal to have fun, to be happy, to feel free, and to be adventurous, but the thing you call fun "adventure" is most of the time your parents call "danger." What if you'll do the opposite yet can still enjoy your lives, not only here on earth but also in afterlife?

Obey your parents, in that way they will be happy for you, the more your family will be merrier the more you have fun to bond with them. Instead of doing nonsense, why won't you help others, help with their problems, help them in any way.

You will feel happy that they are happy that you help them. Forgive easily, and you will truly feel free. Be better in your studies and always put God in the center, because it will lead you to your best adventure, you will be successful in your career, have a harmonious family and enjoy life to the fullest.

Living a good life will make you feel happy, and when it is already your time here on earth, you can still enjoy the afterlife paradise.

Yes, you only live once (YOLO), but if you make things right, once is enough, and it will be totally worth it.

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  1. I really loved the article. It taught me the actual meaning of YOLO.


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