WATCH: What if we teach English to our K to 12 students this way?

This video really caught my attention - a teacher teaching how to pronounce English words in her class. The words are: genre, Grandprix, history, island, future and setup. Watch how she enunciate those words!
how they teach English in other country

This might be just a scene in a comedy movie or TV series but this has something to do with education.

If the teacher teaches the wrong concept, that would be permeated to more students in the future.

Warning to all teachers especially those teaching how to pronounce English words, be careful with what you teach. Consult other teachers who are knowledgeable about the subject. Teaching a wrong concept is really a "criminal" offense in the teaching profession.

We may laugh with this video, but this should be a lesson that we are accountable to all our actions. What we do today will make or break the future.

Here's the video:

English as it is read in other Country
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Posted by Kaboom Panes on Saturday, April 4, 2015
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