Viral: Bohemian Rhapsody lip sync (Bohemian Carsody)

Bohemian Carsody or Bohemian Rhapsody lip sync posted by SketchShe in Youtube has become viral, generating more than 17 million views, just 2 weeks after it was posted on March 4, 2015.

Featured in a 3 minutes and 26 seconds music video, which the uploader labeled as Bohemian Carsody, are the three ladies performing a lip sync of the song Bohemian Rhapsody of the famous band, Queen.
Bohemian Carsody (Bohemian Rhapsody lip sync) by SketchShe

Why Bohemian Carsody?

It is a Bohemian Rhapsody lip sync performed inside the car. What makes the video viral are the gestures made by the performers while lip syncing the song. The famous among the gestures is when they sing the word "mama".

Watch for yourself so that you can also gauge why this youtube video has become viral.

Bohemian Carsody by SketchShe