#PopeTYSM: How to send message to Pope Francis via Social Media?

Here's how can send message to Pope Francis via Social Media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

how to send message to Pope Francis

Yeah. Filipinos can express their gratitude to Pope Francis for his concern to the Philippines.

How to Send Thank You Message to Pope Francis

1. Use the hashtag #PopeTYSM in your prayer or message of thanks through your social media accounts specifically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Visit this link and submit your message of gratitude to Pope Francis.

Don't just send a 3-word message. But send at least a sentence of thoughtful and catchy message so that your message will be included in "Thank You sa Malasakit: Book of Thanks" which was dedicated to Pope Francis.

The meaning of hashtag #PopeTYSM is now clear to me - Pope Than You Sa Malasakit.

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