Chito Miranda Scandal hotter than Hayden Kho Scandal

Chito Miranda scandal is hotter than Hayden Kho scandal in terms of number of curious netizens searching for those two keywords through Google's search engine.

The data can be viewed using Google trends. And here's the latest screen shot of the graph comparing the two keywords: Chito Miranda scandal and Hayden Kho scandal.
Chito Miranda scandal vs Hayden Kho scandal

As can be gleaned from the graph above, the search volume accumulated by Chito Miranda scandal is approximately 3 times higher than Hayden Kho scandal in their respective peak points. The highest number of searches for Hayden Kho scandal was on May 2009 while Chito Miranda scandal is on August 2013.

The other top 5 related search queries for Chito Miranda scandal are the following:

  • chito neri scandal
  • neri chito scandal
  • chito neri
  • neri
  • neri naig scandal
As of this time, Chito Miranda sex video scandal is still the trending issue in different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.

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