Poverty is a hindrance to success – Rene Principe, UP Cum Laude

In the previous announcement of UP Diliman through their website, out of 2,892 candidates for graduation who earned college degree, an outstanding student named Rene Principe takes the Cum Laude honorable mention. The said student recently gained the attention of the netizens because of his inspirational story posted through his social media. Principe encourage his fellow Filipino youth to strive more despite of a roller coaster like of living in poverty.

Rene Principe - Poverty is a hindrance to success

In a recent post on his Facebook account last July 25, he unfolded his life journey about the contrary to popular belief and said “contrary to popular belief, dyeing your hair is not a hindrance to success, but poverty is.” Principe was a proud scholar of DOST-SEI and ESGP that have served as one of the keys to his success. He believes that poverty is a hindrance to success and education must be a right, not a privilege. Principe said that he honored every single Filipino who supported his education and promise to give out his best to serve the nation.

This Cum Laude’s journey to success is not a bed of roses. Back in 2005 their residence in Compostella Valley got vanished by a fire incident that left them nothing “WALANG-WALA” and decided to move in Cagayan De Oro. He said that “Education was our only way out of extreme poverty even that was hard.” At a very young age of 8, he wished to become an astronaut to escape the world. He believed that his dream never fades that’s why he pursued a degree that is aligned with the world of science which is Applied Physics.

Principe’s life journey living with poverty made him believed that being poor is totally a barrier to achieve success, he evokes his experience eating left over food in his lunch box to fill his empty stomach while his classmates are eating fresh food, eyebrows that got burned while studying late nights with the kettle because they can’t even afford to buy a piece of light bulb, “I despised every hardship that me and my family went through, the world was just too cruel,” he said.

Moving forward to his college life, Rene Principe got accepted at UP Diliman and studied physics, then shift to Applied Physics because it is the closest if he might pursue astronomy someday. “Inequality” in ruling class “which makes the poor more poorer and the rich more richer.” – one of the spotlight of his recent post.

Principe thanked the university for teaching him to view the value of education more meaningful and that learning is not just limited within the four corners of the classroom. As being part of the LGBTQ+ community, Principe promotes that people should not denigrate them, not to just view this community as a sort of entertainment, but rather view these people with respect because they have something to “contribute too in the science community.”

After getting his degree in Applied Physics, Principe will continue to pursue his Master’s Degree in Physics at the same university and in this coming semester, he will be working as a junior faculty at the National Institute of Physics.