"Vhong Navarro is Dead" spreads in FB and SMS

Is Vhong Navarro dead?

This is the question of the followers of Vhong Navarro after he was brutally attacked at her friend's condominium unit in Bonifacio Global City on Wednesday, January 22.
Vhong Navarro photo after the attack

The SMS (text message) and Facebook statuses saying that the actor-comedian is dead is completely a rumor.

Some fans expressed their sentiments because they've read it from the "Official Fan Page" of the ABS-CBN.

But as we checked the ABS-CBN fan page, there's no status which confirmed that Vhong is dead. Maybe the said FB page from which the rumor originated is a bogus ABS-CBN FB page.

Vhong Navarro is currently in the hospital and a showbiz talk show "Buzz ng Bayan" showed new photos the actor waiting for complete recovery after the attack.

If your friends will ask you: "Is Vhong Navarro dead?" ("Patay na ba si Vhong Navarro?") - your answer should be big NO!


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